The Intelligent Nerdletter Platform

Microsoft announced the Intelligent Data Platform at Build 2022 last week. Of note in the new announcements that fit in this bucket is Purview, providing data governance for enterprise data. From an enterprise perspective (and hey, that’s what this newsletter is all about), there is absolutely value in the data governance space. Satya Nadella called data “your most important architectural consideration”, and I agree. 

(We’ve done governance on a podcast I co-host, and I co-wrote a book about enterprise data – I really do think there is connected value in the two concepts.)

When I searched out “Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform” and got directed to this page, I was left wondering “…so it’s just a name slapped on a bucket of stuff they already make?” I am always one step behind smarter interpreters of such things, because as I kept searching around I got to Mary Jo Foley’s piece at ZDNet. She helped with some more clarity: Intelligent Data Platform is marketing-speak analogous to the way Microsoft talks about “the Microsoft Cloud” as the combo of Azure, 365, and Dynamics 365. Everything data – DBs, analytics, and governance – counts as “Intelligent Data Platform”. I guess that still means it’s more of a bucket name than an actual thing, but it shines some light on the strategy. PM

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