A Tale of Two ABAPs

To borrow from Dickens, last week in ABAP “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.

Let’s start with the worst. SAP ABAP Developer Edition got gone officially. This is extremely disappointing, especially for those who are stuck with old versions of ABAP at work. From what I see, this leaves ABAP enthusiasts with either very limited Cloud trial option (used in the openSAP classes, for example) or free-not-free systems in SAP CAL. I hope more information from SAP is forthcoming, ideally before TechEd.

On a more positive note, Devtoberfest is now in full swing and there are some interesting ABAP sessions. My recommendations so far:

There will be more coverage of Devtoberfest content in our next issue(s), stay tuned! JP

This story was originally published in Issue 25 of The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter.

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