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Composable ERP has been one of those topics everyone loves to talk about, but no one really knows how it is supposed to work. In their usual “hold my beer” fashion, SAP marketing is now also talking about composable enterprise:

Composable enterprise from an organizational perspective means you can recompose processes dynamically and rearrange based on interchangeable building blocks when needed, without specialist knowledge or a developer[…].

Sweet! There is just, excuse my German, “einen kleinen problemo” (and that’s aside from the actual “blocks” and “composition” parts): data.

As the creators of the Master Data Governance (MDG) solution, SAP must realize that making sure that product X or customer Y mean the same thing across the enterprise is important. “Composable enterprise” will just exacerbate this issue, won’t it? What would be the solution? More MDG, more cowbell? You can get any type of “composable enterprise”, as long as it’s composed of SAP products?

Just like in the case of microservices, I suspect “composableish” might be the best one could get. But that probably won’t stop SAP from talking our ears off about the composable enterprise at the upcoming TechEd. Brace yourselves, folks. JP

This story was originally published in Issue 24 of The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter.

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