ZSAP: Unusual Suspect

Five criminals. One ZSAP. No coincidence

ZSAP is how we jokingly describe an SAP ERP system that has been customized up to eyeballs (“Z” is the prefix for custom objects). ZSAP crimes are typically blamed on the stubborn, “that’s how we’ve always done it” customers and clueless consultants. But there is another, unusual suspect: SAP SE.

To do stuff in SAP, customers must use standard functions/APIs: BAPIs, global classes, web APIs, etc. Sadly, these APIs are sometimes missing features or just plain don’t exist. SAP’s approach seems to be “we give you what we think you need and, if anything is missing, just enhance or create your own”. However, SAP notoriously underestimates the customer needs and then thousands of customers are creating the same Z-things. Examples? 14 years of editable SALV, the crusade for a Purchasing Organization API, missing associations in standard CDS views, and many more. 

While this might look like the perfect case for an open-source project, not all customers are open to open-source (no pun intended). It also raises the 1 million USD question of who would be responsible for maintenance of such software?

There ought to be a better way for SAP to identify what customers need and deliver it as standard functionality instead of becoming a ZSAP crime accomplice.

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