Fundamental Conference Coming Up

Be there or be 4:3 aspect ratio!

I can’t believe I’m late to this party. Fundamental Conference is an event “designed to highlight the best of front-end development and design in one place”. It’s brought to you by a team of SAP folks who work closely with Fundamental Library Styles, which works to bring Fiori’s look and feel to web apps from a multitude of UI frameworks (in reality, that means mostly Angular, React, and Vue these days – but the fundamentality of it means that it can extend to others as developers wish). As a developer, I deeply appreciate the work that is being done with those popular frameworks to make Fiori design mesh nicely with the functionality of their individual component systems.

Fundamental feels like a friendly place where designers and developers put their heads together to think about the future of design, front-end development, accessibility, and performance. If you visit the conference page you’ll see a link to their call for content, so make sure to submit hare-brained ideas. Their SAP blogs, Twitter, and YouTube let you learn quite a bit more, but the best place is really the documentation.

What I like most – perhaps because of my design blind spots as a developer – is the consistent up-frontness of accessibility. I am far too often blasting out web pages and mobile apps without even a second thought to accessibility. Making accessibility a first-class design concern makes the web a tool for everyone – and that most definitely those PO-approving biz apps.