Salesforce Dethrones SAP

Everybody wins! Mostly shareholders.

If you look at the latest quarterly numbers for SAP and Salesforce, you’ll see that Salesforce ($7.72 billion) just edges past SAP (€7.517 billion, at pretty much 1:1 Euro to dollar) in revenue. If the name of the game is counting fat stacks of cash, Salesforce just moved ever-so-slightly into the lead.

Interesting to note that only $3 billion or so of SAP’s dollars are cloud revenue dollars. There is a TON of opportunity for both SAP and other players to mine that slowly shrinking space of large on-premises SAP installations, and on the flip side I imagine that SAP’s cloud ambitions are still only just getting started. Meanwhile, Salesforce lives entirely in the cloud and still puts up double-digit percentage growth numbers, so there’s no reason to think that train will derail anytime soon.

I’ve worked the majority of my career in the SAP world, but I (weirdly, maybe?) am not really a fanboy. It’s not that I don’t enjoy working with SAP solutions, it’s more that…I don’t have a dog in the fight over who dominates what enterprise software market. I just want to be there to do cool things that solve interesting problems. PM