Still More AI Art

You guys. I am so sorry. I know I write about this stuff all the time. I JUST CAN’T GET ENOUGH. NLPGPT-3DALL-E 2GPT-3 againDeepMind. Nobody is ready for how deeply AI tools are going to penetrate into artists’ creative processes.

Check out this showcase of results from a tool (available for public use) released by Midjourney, a research lab focused on “expanding the imaginative powers of the human species”.

This image was created from nothing but the text “bronze statue of henry cavill, photography, beautiful, HDR, 8K, 80mm lens”. LOOK AT THAT. Is that the same thing as a human creating a wholly original work of art by hand? No. But often I don’t want to make the picture – I want to use the picture to illustrate something. And in that case, simple text prompts that generate amazing images that match the concepts in the text are absolutely good enough for me. PM

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