Accounting For Developers

If you don’t get the joke, you definitely need to read this!

Enterprise software development is not just about algorithms and programming languages. It’s also about business processes. And for every enterprise, this means accounting. 

It’s always weird hearing the accountants talk. “Clearly, this chargeback goes to a revenue recognition account. – Indeed. But we need to offset tax liability for asset depreciation. – Quite!” I imagine that’s also how accountants feel when developers are discussing OData filters.

One does not need to go back to college though to learn just enough about accounting to understand that the dialog above is pure nonsense. Recent article Accounting for Developers explains accounting basics very clearly and is reasonably short for the volume of information it covers. I highly recommend it to all the SAP developers in particular. (As we know, all roads in SAP lead to FI.)

And for those partial to YT 10-minute video format (no judgment!), there is an excellent video Accounting Basics Explained Through a Story and more on Leila Gharani’s channel. JP

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