Welcome To Connector Hell – Here’s Your API Key

I don’t know how I got there, but I landed on the SAP Open Connectors help portal. Open Connectors helps “unify the developer experience across all kinds of applications and services”. Check out how many connectors are available for integration use.

Every platform I touch has a similar concept – there’s a need for simplifying connections between apps, clouds, databases, and everything in between. If you can draw a picture of what you’re trying to do, you can probably find a pre-built connector somewhere to smooth the path.

The ubiquity of connectors shines a light on that eternal question: build or buy? If I can make a Visio drawing and just plug in little pieces with API keys and credentials, doesn’t that lead to agility? If I can hand-write my own custom application in any language I choose, doesn’t that mean that I can truly make anything I desire?

If I need to build something in order to communicate that thing’s value, I will glue connectors together all day long. If I need to make something that can stand the test of time, I’ll happily open VSCode. But the world is changing, and I don’t think that distinction will remain as clear as it seems at the moment. PM