Fishing For Nerds

Over at diginomica, Mark Chillingworth describes a few CIOs out there in the world doing the best they can in the tech talent crunch. They’re making headway by transforming recruiting from an externally-sourced job to an arm of IT itself. A key finding:

talent acquisition is, like technology, not just a bolt-on, but a strategic approach and a good investment.

The folks Chillingworth talked with saw benefit from in-sourcing recruitment. Vital to success appears to be giving recruiters incentives to go the extra mile, and relationships that can only be built with colleagues. When tech talent ups its game, the business notices.

I often work with IT teams. It is no lie to say they are stressed, short-staffed, and in need of skill-sharpening time. Getting good tech talent means investing in lots of things, and recruiting is a key factor. The best people are never on the market, so you need something more than LinkedIn spammers to find them. I have worked with recruiters in the past and I can tell you: if the recruiter is invested in the business they’re hiring for, it makes a huge difference. Recruiting follows the same adage as other talent: you get what you pay for. PM