Psst, Want to Influence SAP?

It takes 10 votes for a request to be accepted, so we’ll need a bigger car

Discovering that there is a place to submit ABAP improvement requests to SAP feels like stumbling upon a magical portal accidentally left open by a scatter-minded wizard.

I certainly hope though that the Influence Opportunity “SAP BTP ABAP Environment” (the official name) will not just disappear. It runs continuously, i.e. there is no specific deadline for the request submission, and is accepting new requests for anything ABAP related. Don’t let the BTP nomenclature scare you, there is an option to enter requests even for classic ABAP.

If you have any improvement suggestions for ABAP or development tools, go to this page (registration required), click Submit Improvement, and influence away. While there, check out the existing improvements too and vote (see some of my recommendations). But shsh, don’t tell anyone I sent you! JP

This story appears in Issue 20 of The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter