Democratization Sweeping The Nation

In my other nerd life at Bowdark Consultingwe podcasted with Shane Young, a ninja master of Microsoft Power Platform, about democratizing the low-code/no-code space for everyone. That episode primed my eyes for an ERP Software Blog piece making some more distinctions about democratization in enterprise IT. 

(Yes – the linked piece above is sponsored. Sponsorship doesn’t automatically render something false, and this sponsor is beating a drum whose rhythm I happen to like.)

There’s a bifurcation of democratization processes happening right now. First is data democratization. Think about every time in the last two decades you’ve heard the term “self-service BI” – that’s the thing here. “Data democratization is the idea of making sure end users have the skills and tools to access, analyze, report on, and use data without IT’s involvement.”

Then there’s what this piece calls “technology democratization”, where IT enables business users by allowing them to BUILD the apps they need: “they want the power to develop solutions that help them do their jobs better-from achieving deeper insights to advancing workflows.” Essentially, we’re talking about low-code/no-code platforms here. 

I have known so many smart, business-savvy people who also think deeply about tech and the processes they perform on the job. They have the right mindset to be developers, even if they’ve never bothered to learn how to write code. Now is the right time to get these people involved in building their own solutions, and IT doesn’t have to hand over the keys to all the systems – they just have to think about providing platforms. PM

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