AppGyver: Funny MacGyver Reference

It is psychologically impossible for me not to think of MacGyver with AppGyver
It is psychologically impossible for me not to think of MacGyver with AppGyver

There’s a developer community challenge for SAP AppGyver that just closed its entry period. I used to get fired up to go try out community challenges (even if I didn’t usually take the step of submitting the entry…it’s more like I just wanted to try the thing out) – but these days I guess I’m feeling my age more. I just go look at submissions and cast judgment from afar. 

So here are some interesting submissions I’ve seen!

  • Michelle Crapo is going to put her low-code skepticism to the test. I’m waiting to see what she has to say, since I hear lots of similar sentiment out here in the wild west.
  • Petr Kursin went to a lot of effort to make lots of different features in his app. For a try-it-out contest, I thought it was quite good at showcasing a lot of different features.
  • Kai Niklas contributed a food alert app. Of note here is that he thought about going further into the notifications side of AppGyver’s capabilities, but to his eyes the push notifications feature (which as of now runs through Firebase) didn’t quite fit the spirit (or his skillset) of low-code. 

I’m a huge fanboy of Firebase, by the way. I’m sure SAP has plans to roll the notifications feature together more tightly with BTP’s Mobile Services push, but until that happens Firebase ain’t that bad a place to be. 

I watch AppGyver with curiosity, since the acquisition isn’t even two years old yet and clearly SAP has a lot to do on their AppGyver roadmap. Low-code and no-code seem to have roughly two directions lately: general-purpose platforms that don’t care what your base business systems are, like Appian and Microsoft Power Platform, and platforms that get delivered with specific ERP-sized applications, like AppGyver (or what it will be) and ServiceNow’s App Engine. Low-code and fast app delivery is so clearly part of the future-becoming-now that it’s hard to pull my eyes away from developments in this space. PM

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