Game On!

Which video games do you play? Apparently, some companies started asking this question in the job interviews, so you better be ready with an answer that is most likely to land the job of your dreams. Accounting? Can’t go wrong with Monopoly. SAP Success Factors consultant? Human Resource Machine. Security and Compliance? Obviously, Prison Architect.

The developers are expected to like building and puzzle games. Personally, I’ve always been into world domination: Sid Meyers Civilization is my jam from the days when it was just a bunch of pixels. 

I’ve always been surprised why Civilization is not a required game for the managers. You need to balance many needs of your empire and to know when to use diplomacy or force with your digital opponents. And it teaches an important life lesson: happy citizens perform better than unhappy ones. Take it from someone who’s been a subject of many We Love The Queen day celebrations. JP

[Jelena, what is the job of my dreams if Horizon: Forbidden West is top of my list these days? It’s about fighting robot dinosaurs with bows and arrows! Should I start polishing the ol’ resume? PM]

This story is from Issue 16 of The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter.