CaaS – Complaining as a Service

Mr. Walken's reps were unavailable for comment
Mr. Walken’s reps were unavailable for comment

complained about SOAR with Accenture in the last issue, so it’s only fair if I spread the love for more RISE with SAP companions from large SIs that ambiguously define their value. So here are a few things of note for Infosys’ ERP-as-a-Service (which I’m abbreviating ERPaaS).

  • Similar to myConcerto from Accenture, Infosys has a couple of branded cloud-accelerator template tools: Infosys Catalyst, part of Infosys Cobalt
  • It’s less overtly obvious that ERPaaS is a thing. Apart from a podcast with the always excellent Bob Evans, it’s hard to find mention of ERPaaS in the wild. 
  • Positively, one of those mentions is a customer story! Which – as I said before – has a clarity-achievement effect that otherwise is nigh impossible. 
  • Also positively (for SAP) is that Fiori and Fiori Launchpad continue to garner mention for improving the ERP user experience. Haters, form an orderly queue to the left, because even if it’s not your thing as a techie, Fiori is a real thing of value. 
  • Industry cloud and/or industry templates are a thing here, too. Between the big SIs and the hyperscalers, it’s clear that product-makers believe industry cloud is really a thing. 

I find I have slightly fewer things to groan about with ERPaaS than SOAR – maybe that’s because its claims seem less grandiose? I’m actually kind of enjoying my brief, high-level evaluations of these RISE with SAP complements. I may just do BREAKTHROUGH with IBM next (yes, that’s a real thing). Actually, it appears to be officially called “BREAKTHROUGH with IBM for RISE with SAP” – somehow, that’s funnier to me. PM

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