ABAP Hath Risen Again

ABAP, the roly-poly of zombies, is on the rise again!

First, a big announcement from SAP: the learning journey Get Started With ABAP Programming on SAP BTP is the official, free, and I’d say first cohesive course for the ABAP beginners. It’s surprisingly good and my only gripe is that SAP just haaaaad to slap “SAP BTP” brand on it. It covers core ABAP syntax and many classic ABAP concepts that have nothing to do with SAP BTP and would work in any ABAP version. With all the gratuitous branding, it’s still a huge step forward in ABAP education. Imagine if this was available 20 years ago.

Also, the massive list of new features and improvements in CDS view entities was shared on SAP Community. The view entities have been available for some time but were lacking some functionality. Set operators UNION, EXCEPT, INTERSECT, useful functions, and extensions are just some of the highlights. I’ve really warmed up to the view entities, they are so much faster to generate and simpler to use. Highly recommend getting to know them better. JP

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