Upskilling on Cloud In One Hour or Less

In our previous stories and conversations about SAP developer learning, two questions came up consistently: what to learn exactly and where to find time?

SAP technologies are going in so many directions, there is so much content, and at the end of the day, developers want to go home too. “Standard” learning recommendations of openSAP courses or developer tutorials are great but can consume hours and days. And telling someone to learn “cloud” is like suggesting learning Math or Physics: cute idea but not exactly helpful because it’s such a broad subject.

When it comes to Cloud, this 13-minute video from Fireship YT channel could be your best time investment. It’s dated 2020 but it’s still valid and offers an excellent explanation of the foundational concepts. If you want to dig in a bit more, then my top choice for general Cloud knowledge is IBM learning. The UI is crisp, articles well-written, and content organization makes sense. 

In SAP world, we need to become familiar with Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP). SAP folks couldn’t keep it short if their life depended on it, so you won’t find great 10-minute videos just yet. The best bet for CAP is this recent 1-hour recording of SAP Community call.

Start with these little investments and expand your learning portfolio if and when you need it.

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