Build Your Corporate TikTok With Loom

Sometimes you stumble upon an application and feel like yes, this has exactly the features I’ve been looking for! This was the case for me with Loom, the neat “asynchronous video tool” that can be used to create short videos and share them with coworkers on the fly. For example, instead of typing a long Slack message to your teammate in another time zone, you could simply use Loom to record both camera and screen (or just one of them) and convey your point much faster.

As an experiment, I’ve used Loom to create this short clip showcasing my mad SAP GUI knowledge. This was take number 15 or so and I spent a good amount of time with the app. Here are my findings.


  • Loom is stupid easy to use (pick what you want to record and click the big red button).
  • Video editing tools are simple but effective. There is a variety of filters and special effects, as well as a neat drawing tool.
  • Loom can be easily integrated with Slack and other messaging platforms.


  • When choosing to share just one application, Loom could not correctly pick multiple windows associated with that application. I had to resort to full screen sharing, which weirdly also recorded Loom’s own controls.

Loom “test drive” was fun and I definitely recommend checking it out for your personal and enterprise needs. JP

This story appears in the Issue 11 of The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter.