Smash That SAP Event Mesh!

As Karsten Strothmann put it in a recent SAP Community call, “almost real time is good but often not good enough”. Over the years, SAP tried to solve the “not good enough” problem by introducing a variety of tools, such as change pointers, background job events, or workflow BOR. What they had in common were the pain points. Job events got “swallowed”, change pointers would suddenly fire up for no reason but wouldn’t work when you needed them, and don’t even get me started on the workflow. More recent invention, ABAP Daemons sounded cool on paper but had too many limitations to be useful in many scenarios.

Now SAP Event Mesh (former SAP Enterprise Messaging service) is meant to remedy that and bring all the benefits of event-driven architecture to the SAP world with CloudEvents 1.0 standard. It is available as part of SAP BTP not just for S/4HANA systems but even for the older SAP ECC systems, using a Netweaver add-on.

I highly recommend watching the above mentioned call and reading this blog post that offers tons of helpful information on SAP Event Mash. If it actually works as promised, it might have better ROI for enterprises than many buzzwordy tools. It looks like DIY custom events using ABAP RAP development are a planned feature and I look forward to checking it out.

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