The Meeting Scheduling Solutions of Our Lives

Calendly etiquette” is the thing these days and some people take issue with it. If you’re blissfully out of the loop on the recent enterprise scheduling solution drama on social media, here is your TV Guide scoop. 

Calendly is a nifty website / app where you can share information about available times and allow others to self-schedule meetings with you. I use it myself and it’s the bee’s knees. It cuts down on the typical “how is next Tuesday for you?” email chains with people who are not in the same corporate directory. Instead, simply send them a link to your Calendly page where they can find time convenient for them. (There is also a similar website / app Doodle that helps to figure out availability for a larger group of people.) 

But turns out some people take offense in receiving such a link and feel as if you are throwing their calendar in your face. An easy solution is to say something like “Hey, let me know what works for you or, if more convenient, use <link>”. This is where I feel the best way would be to take human egos out of the equation. Hopefully, in near future scheduling a meeting will be as simple as saying “have your Calendly call my Calendly” :). JP

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