SAP gCTS: Blockchain of ABAP?

Git-enabled Change and Transport System (gCTS) sounds like the keyword combination that IT managers hear and go “I don’t know what it is but I want one!”. 

It does sound cool but what specific problem does SAP gCTS solve? In the on-premise world, we have abapGit, which is great, and regular SAP transport system (TMS) which works perfectly fine. This FAQ blog post and other similar ones suggest that gCTS can bring pipelines to the ABAP world, as well as help manage deployment of ABAP and non-ABAP code together. I’m not sure what percentage of SAP customers actually need it and, even then, the ROI on setting up and maintaining gCTS vs already operational and stable systems doesn’t seem to be a positive number. Whom are we kidding? Recent article by Lars Hvam puts it simply: “Use git for development, not deployment”. Amen.

Perhaps the upcoming openSAP course will offer more insight on this, but so far gCTS looks suspiciously like a blockchain of ABAP: fancy tech without a real benefit or business case, other than some fringe scenarios. JP

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