Acumatica Could Eat SAP’s and Oracle’s Lunch

When SAP made public their plans for Cloud ERP, many analysts and casual observers warned that once outside the walled on-premise garden, SAP products will meet much fiercer competition. And while some vendors have already been nibbling at the edges of SAP’s pie, there haven’t been serious contenders for the whole ERP. I believe Acumatica is one.

The “world’s fastest-growing cloud ERP company” got many things right already, such as partnership with Autodesk for their modeling capabilities and with Adobe for PDF. 

I was also blown away by the fact that Acumatica gives away awards to their customers. While a lot has changed since this blog post, SAP or Oracle are not exactly known for their customer appreciation. 10 points for Gryffindor.

To boot, Acumatica has an excellent video showcasing their ERP in 10 minutes. Oracle’s similar clip, set in post-apocalyptic landscape where everyone looks like their liver is about to fail, forgets to show the actual ERP system. And SAP has no such clip to be found. 

Software vendors like Acumatica have no legacy baggage, big appetite, good plan, and value their customers. While SAP is like “gee golly, we need to bring ABAP to the Cloud”, Acumatica will not only eat their lunch but, eventually, dinner. JP

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