ABAP And XLSX: Once Again for The Cheap Seats

It’s been a running joke in SAP Community that a new blog post with yet another idea of implementing Excel file upload/download appears every month. The problem here is not the existence of the posts, however, but the fact that this monthly event shines the light on two concerns.

First, SAP customers are still either not well-informed about it or are not embracing open-source software. The community project ABAP2XLSX is the custom ABAP code available on GitHub that delivers great functionality for all your XLSX needs. It may be used by any SAP customers and requires very little effort to implement in an ABAP environment. 

Second concern is the general and ongoing lack of information and guidance for ABAP developers on what specific global classes or APIs (if ABAP2XLSX is not an option) are to be used for Excel file processing. The latest blog post promised the “unified” approach by using class cl_fdt_xl_spreadsheet. But the SAP Note 2468709 says that this class is supported only in the specific scenario of BRF+ decision tables. So much for unification.

What is the solution? I guess either start using ABAP2XLSX or wait a month till the next post on this subject appears. Better luck next time?

This story appears in Issue 5 of The Boring Enterprise Nerdletter.

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