Our Top 8 Predictions For 2022

  1. Only 3 things in life are certain: death, taxes, and SAP product renaming. It’s not about whether any products will be renamed, it’s about how many. I wager stuffy SAP executives will try to purge Steampunk nomenclature and replace it with something boring while customers merrily use whatever terminology already stuck. JP
  2. The work from home revolution is no longer a revolution: home-based work has won. I predict that if your work is done largely in front of a computer, your next job will either be remote or will offer you the opportunity to work remotely. PM
  3. Automation allows enterprises to take poorly designed business processes and run them real fast. Why stop to think about what we are doing? No time to waste, gotta deploy those robots. Plot twist: SAP-related automations in 2022 will use not SAP iRPA but better competitor products. JP
  4. SAP TechEd will remain online but we will see more in-person and hybrid events. JP
  5. Low-code and no-code will skyrocket, but AppGyver will not achieve the same trajectory as offerings from Microsoft or Salesforce. PM
  6. SAP BTP has a free tier. This is a good thing for developers, and I think we’ll see a significant uptick in developer skill acquisition in BTP services and tools. In terms of BTP adoption overall, the other thing to add to this equation is customer adoption. To improve BTP adoption in the marketplace, SAP needs to improve its messaging around the necessary reasons to choose BTP services. I predict that BTP growth will not be what people hoped for in 2022, as many customers who integrate SAP with other systems do not yet see the value in the BTP argument. PM
  7. SAP’s current end-of-support date for ECC is 2027. I predict that date will move to 2269, to ensure that the starship Enterprise can make its 5-year mission without needing to convert to S/4HANA. PM
  8. After 13 years of being petitioned via SAP Community blogs, in 2022, SAP will finally officially release Editable SALV! It will require a subscription to SAP BTP, paid per-user monthly service license, and will run only on Tuesdays. Mission accomplished! JP

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