UI Development With a-Luigi

SAP Devtoberfest ended with the week dedicated to front-end development. None of the UI week’s sessions featured SAP Fiori, so does it mean it’s dead? Au contraire mon frère. SAP Fiori is very much alive but it’s also not the only alternative to SAP GUI anymore. These days, SAP customers are aware of other front-end development options and want to use them when Fiori’s reasonable but rather Procrustean bed does not quite fit.

Following its latest “sell the platform, not the content” strategy, SAP came up with Project Luigi: the open-source micro frontend framework. (Fiori, Leonardo, Luigi… What is up with the Italian theme at SAP?) Micro frontend fits perfectly with the microservice architecture as a backend and follows the same principles of modularity and scalability. And more open-source projects from SAP? Yes, please!

The Devtoberfest session had the answers to both “what” and “why” of the micro frontend plus a good summary of Luigi offerings. For those interested in more technical deep-dive, a series of tutorials is available. JP

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