SAP Nostradamus Says…

SAP executive keynotes must be the modern-day equivalent of Nostradamus’s writing: people pore over them, trying to find sacred meaning, whether it exists or not. What does the future bring, according to the latest SAP TechEd announcements?

Free tier of SAP BTP is obviously a good thing, but it took SAP more than a year to bring it around. This would’ve been huge news at TechEd 2020 (when SAP merely announced they were “working on it”) but by 2021, I feel the excitement have worn off. Hopefully, SAP’s reaction to the developer and community voices will be more agile in future.

Next announcement, “new and improved” SAP Learning website was an easy win for SAP because literally anything would be an improvement compared to leviathan-esque SAP Learning Hub monstrosity. But again, SAP seems to focus more on the platform than on the content. Unless you are pursuing certification or want to learn about specific aspects of SAP BTP, there just isn’t much content to speak of. SAP developers looking to upskill would be better off going directly to SAP Developer Center, openSAP or SAP Community websites.

Embedded Steampunk left some conference attendees wondering what it actually was. (Is it a bird? Is it a plane?) Initially I pooh-poohed it as “just another thing for Cloud, so who cares” but after reading this excellent blog, I understand there is more to it. The idea of using Embedded Steampunk on premise is quite intriguing and might as well be the magic sauce that helps to bridge the on-premise and Cloud ABAP gap. I’m sure you’ll be reading more about this in the upcoming Nerdletter issues. JP

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