Next Time A Bot Should Write This

ZDNet highlights the new AI experiences coming to Microsoft 365 applications, called “Context IQ”. It starts with helpful but small improvements to Microsoft Editor, for example helping users figure out and find the right files to attach and share, or quickly recommend meeting times when all participants are available. And – this is a neat one – Context IQ will also be able to do autocomplete on useful info tidbits like frequent flyer numbers. (I am ALWAYS AND FOREVER opening up a stupid saved-off file somewhere that has my frequent flyer info.)

A while back I got preview access to the incredible GPT-3 natural language model API from OpenAI. It is gobsmacking what that can produce, given some nudging prompts. About a year ago, Microsoft got exclusive licensing for it. Since then, natural language capabilities (like the above Context IQ) have begun to trickle into Microsoft or Microsoft-acquired products: Power Apps IdeasGitHub Copilot (using a descendant of GPT-3), and Azure OpenAI Service. I don’t know if Context IQ uses GPT-3 specifically, but it is abundantly clear that, if you want it, AI-assisted writing is here. PM

Paul, it’s not stupid if it works! Just sayin’. 🙂 JP

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