SAP Universal ID to Become Obligatory in 2022

There wasn’t a grand announcement on this subject so far, but this rather important information was brought to light on social media by several “whistleblowers”. Those with SAP admin privileges received an email last week with a benign subject “Enhanced Email Validation and Security Checks”. The email contained several announcements regarding changes in SAP user account maintenance. The highlights: in 2022, all new SIDs will need to be linked to Universal ID; allowed company email domains are to be maintained in SAP Support portal; shared email addresses will not be allowed for SIDs. 

SAP Universal ID is a great idea on paper and is meant to solve many woes of SAP professionals juggling multiple PIDs/SIDs due to job changes, for example. However, the feedback from early adopters have been mixed with several issues reported online. (I hope that SAP will make it a priority to stabilize Universal ID functionality.) Also, the “enhanced email validation” is rather questionable. How would SAP tell whether an email is shared or not? Perhaps biometrics soon will be an answer to everything? JP

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