Meta, Meta Everywhere

In the last weeks, both Microsoft and The Artist Formerly Known as Facebook came out with the announcements of their respective versions of “metaverse”. Metaverse is a form of immersive online reality where one could step into to collaborate, work, and play with others. Corporatey Microsoft’s Metaverse seems to pursue the “kitten lawyer” vibe with the avatars that, for some reason, are missing the lower part of the body. Much cooler Facebook’s version looks like it came straight out of Ready Player One movie. I’m very curious if SAP will announce its own Metaverse at the upcoming SAP TechEd conference. 

While adding Unity engine to my skillset would be fun and add serious cred with my 12-year-old, I’m not looking forward to connecting Microsoft’s Multiverse with SAP’s Multiverse (name is TBD and will be changed soon anyway) plus all the applications that “shadow IT” invested already at each client. As Joshua Greenbaum put it, this process “would have more seams than a circus tent”. Strap in, folks, this Metaverse thing will be a bumpy ride. JP

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